Monday, November 22, 2021

The North Suburban Bar Association

Judge Megan Goldish, has been licensed to practice law for approximately 24years in Cook County, with seven of those as a domestic violence court judge. During her tenure, she has mentored other judges and was the supervising attorney of the WINGS program. In addition to membership in numerous law and community organizations, Judge Megan Goldish served as an adjunct instructor at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Chicago-Kent College of Law. She is also the immediate past president of the North Suburban Bar Association (NSBA).

Comprised of judges, attorneys, and legal professionals, NSBA strives to support the legal community in Chicago and the city's northern suburbs. The support comes in personal and career development, legal advice, professional networking, advocacy, and promoting excellence. NSBA holds monthly events to foster professional and legal development, fundraising, and community outreach throughout the year. The events include the installation dinner, Gary Wild dinner, judges night, law day, and holiday parties.

Membership is open to legal and non-legal professionals in all areas of practice. These include new entrants, seasoned experts, litigators, and specialists in other disciplines. All work toward the betterment of the legal system and the spirit of collegiality. Meetings usually involve open debates between the bar members and industry leaders, community leaders, and policymakers, with discussion around technology, new laws and effects on their industries, and potential avenues for improvement.

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