Thursday, January 27, 2022

Mock Trials for Law Students and Lawyers

A graduate of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, Judge Megan Goldish works at the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL. Judge Megan Goldish also had served as an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University's trial advocacy program. She also supports and promotes the use of mock trials. for students and lawyers.

Mock trials are practice trials that can be utilized in a classroom setting. They are typically performed at law schools, and offer the opportunity for students to learn the art of debate and putting forth arguments in court. Mock trials can also help students refine their abilities at critical thinking and public speaking. Trials are complicated even for experienced lawyers, and mock trials can prepare them for the hardships they may encounter in court.

Mock trials offer law students and experienced lawyers a chance to test and obtain feedback on a future oral presentation. This allows for development of new theories for a case and to observe a case from another point-of-view.

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